About Acenda

Acenda's mission is to provide brand manufacturers with strategic technology and services in an easy-to-use interface so that they can sell more products.

Startups and FORTUNE 100 companies alike rely on Acenda to accelerate innovation and business transformation.

At Acenda, we firmly believe that our value extends beyond our platform. With years of experience gained from hundreds of successful deployments in various industries, our team of implementation experts is committed to ensuring long-term success for all our clients in today's ever-connected and always-on marketplaces.

Acenda's value goes beyond our platform.

Our flexible and agile Platform as a Service (PaaS) sets us apart by empowering you to leverage every possible sales channel, including your primary web-store, leading marketplaces such as Target, Macy's, and Kohl's, and top retailers like Home Depot and Costco. Our CMS and DOM tools are natively integrated, eliminating the need for additional software or unreliable apps. Acenda offers everything you need to achieve your full sales potential, with instant integration with marketplaces and fulfillment solutions providing a clear competitive advantage.

Acenda gives you an advantage

We enable you to sell more by connecting you to more channels than any other platform, allowing you to customize images, prices, descriptions, and assortments to maximize your reach. Our robust reporting, query tool, and automation features enable you to optimize your sales and streamline your processes further.

Sell more with Acenda

  • Connect to more channels than any other platform
  • Customize images, prices, descriptions, assortment
  • Optimize with robust reporting, query tool, and automation

Experience is everything

Our team brings extensive e-commerce experience from top companies such as Amazon, Walmart, Target, CommerceHub, QVC, and Google, ensuring that we have the expertise to help you achieve your sales goals. We are grateful for the opportunity to work together with you to achieve your objectives.