Sell on Target Plus™ Marketplace

The Target Plus™ Marketplace, is a curated marketplace of products that enhance the shopping experience on Sellers must meet high standards for customer service/experience, performance, safety, and authenticity and ultimately be approved to sell on Target Plus™ by Target’s e-Commerce team. Acenda’s platform and staff assist approved sellers with the integration, management, and advertising of product listings and orders on Marketplace.

Using Acenda to sell on Target Plus™ is easy. Provide Acenda with your seller account’s REST API credentials and connect with’s customer base and premium shopping experience:

  • Download Orders & Update Shipments
  • Create & Update Product Listings
  • Sync Inventory & Pricing

Order Management

Acenda simplifies selling on online marketplaces. Use Acenda to manage your Target Plus™ orders via EDI, API, portal tool, and CSV export. Our built-in Order Management System manages your orders, inventory, and shipments and supports integrations with ShipStation, Shopify, NetSuite, ShipWire and more. Need a custom integration? We can do that too.

Product Content

Acenda offers full product listing creation and management at Target Plus™. Our flexible product database accommodates complex product schemas and advanced attribution. With a built in error analysis tool, Acenda reduces listing errors and speeds the product listing process for

Inventory & Pricing Updates

Similar to Order Management, Target Plus™ inventory management with Acenda allows sellers to manage inventory with EDI, API, and FTP. Overselling and backorders are reduced with our intelligent marketplace inventory rules.

Do you think your business is ready for the opportunities that Target Plus™ brings to online retail? Contact Acenda to learn more about this opportunity. Acenda’s team of professionals are excited to help.

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