Integrate with DSCO

Dsco (previously known as DropShip Commerce) is a company that offers a cloud-based platform for retailers, suppliers, and brands to streamline and optimize their dropshipping and order fulfillment processes. The Dsco platform acts as a bridge between retailers and suppliers, enabling seamless integration and data exchange to facilitate efficient order management and fulfillment.

Dsco provides a centralized platform where retailers can connect with multiple suppliers and manage their inventory, orders, and product data. The platform automates various aspects of the dropshipping process, including order placement, inventory updates, and shipping notifications. It offers real-time visibility into inventory levels, order statuses, and shipment tracking, empowering retailers to provide accurate information to their customers and deliver a seamless shopping experience. By utilizing Dsco's platform, retailers can expand their product offerings without the need for maintaining physical inventory, while suppliers can efficiently fulfill orders and increase their reach. Overall, Dsco simplifies and enhances the dropshipping ecosystem, allowing businesses to collaborate effectively and deliver products to end customers in a timely and efficient manner.