Integrate with SkuVault

SkuVault is an innovator in warehouse and inventory management software, providing a flexible, fully integrated system that streamlines all aspects of logistics, from inventory transparency and forecasting to warehouse picking and quality control. Over a thousand businesses use SkuVault to sync inventory across channels and significantly enhance speed, accuracy, and automation while gaining critical insight with detailed metrics and reporting. SkuVault integrations with ERP, POS, EDI, CRM, accounting, shipping, and marketplace systems ensure maximum flexibility in managing ecommerce operations, granting sellers the ability to grow without restriction.

Acenda enables seamless integration with SkuVault, including the SkuVault API for orders, inventory, and shipments. Alongside our SkuVault integration, we provide a comprehensive inventory and order management system that helps streamline operations for hundreds of B2B and B2C enterprises. Designed for compatibility, our multi-channel ecommerce platform features over 70 key integrations to help grow your business, including additional order and inventory integrations with Cin7, CartRover, Dear Systems, and many more.