Integrate with Akeneo

Akeneo was founded in 2013 and is a global leader in Product Information Management (PIM). Its omnichannel PIM software helps over 500 enterprises syndicate accurate and enriched product content across multiple sales channels. With Akeneo PIM, multinational companies significantly improve conversion rates and productivity while drastically lowering returns and time to market. Akeneo has developed a partner ecosystem of over 160 providers including Acenda.

Acenda enables seamless integration with Akeneo, including the Akeneo API for orders, inventory, and shipments. Alongside our Akeneo integration, we provide a flexible Content Management System (PIM/DAM/CMS) that helps companies syndicate products to dozens of channels. Designed for compatibility, our multi-channel ecommerce platform features integrations with over 70 key services like Akeneo to help grow your business.