The Multi-Channel eCommerce Platform for Suppliers

Acenda is a cloud eCommerce platform that enables manufacturers, distributors, and vertical retailers to build a webstore, connect products to multiple sales channels, control and sync inventory, manage and fulfill orders, access detailed reporting, run experimentation -- and ultimately increase conversions.

Build Your Central Hub for Launching, Managing & Optimizing Multi-Channel eCommerce. Instantly & Free.

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Sell on these marketplaces, and more

  • Acenda is integrated with Amazon
  • Acenda is integrated with Ebay
  • Acenda is integrated with Walmart
  • Acenda is integrated with Facebook
  • Acenda is integrated with Google

Acenda Connects Your Products with Consumers Everywhere!

We are a feature-rich, ecommerce platform designed for manufacturers, distributors and vertical retailers. In today’s volatile retail climate, Acenda gives suppliers the upper-hand to sell on multi-channel ecommerce. Customize the channels to be consistent with your brand experience.