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Advantages for Selling on the Marketplace with Acenda:

  1. Expertise: Acenda has been selling on since 2009 -- longer than any other platform.
  2. Total Connectivity: Acenda connects all elements of your store with, including: orders, returns, credits, inventory, customer, shipments, and products (with variants and attributes).
  3. Optimization: Acenda provides you with advanced tools that increase your products' visibility and ultimately increase your conversion rate and sales.
  4. Pricing: Choose from our totally free self-service solution to our managed services options.
  5. Speed: Be up and running on in less than 15 minutes!*

* Requires an active Walmart Marketplace account. Click here to apply for a Walmart Marketplace account.

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Incorporated in 1969, Walmart is widely known as the world's leading company by revenue. With nearly 12,000 retail locations throughout 28 countries, Walmart earned a total of $486 billion during 2016. Their stores offer everything from clothing, footwear, accessories and beauty supplies to electronics, furniture, housewares, pet supplies and auto-related goods. Additionally, Walmart is the largest grocery retailer in the United States. WalMart owns and operates a number of smaller brands, including Sam's Club, Asda, and more.

Acenda offers suppliers and manufacturers the opportunity to sell products at Walmart. Our multi-channel e-Commerce platform provides a simple solution for businesses seeking to connect to WalMart Stores and dozens of other leading marketplaces. We provide a fully-flexible and easy to use PaaS (Platform as a Service) that requires no software installation and works to help you optimize your marketplace performance. With Acenda, companies can integrate with Wal-Mart Stores, ACE Hardware, Amazon, eBay, Google and many more.

NEW Launch Your Own White-Label Marketplace

Acenda provides turnkey solutions for building and managing advanced, while-label marketplaces (similar to Amazon). Onboard dropship vendors easily and provide your customers with a complete ecommerce experience. Scale the supply chain with automated order processing, customer service, reverse logistics, fraud management, reporting, and vendor settlements. Also, leverage Acenda’s existing vendor base of over five-hundred premium, dropship suppliers. Learn More.

Connect, customize & optimize multi-channel ecommerce. Free 30 day trial, no risk, and no credit card required. Start your store in minutes.

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